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The City of Las Vegas Recognizes Outstanding Employees at Values Conference

The City of Las Vegas recently honored the winners and nominees of the prestigious Mayor’s and City Manager’s awards at its Values Conference.



The City of Las Vegas

Mayor’s and City Manager’s Awards Celebrate Excellence in Community and Organizational Contributions

In a celebration of excellence, the City of Las Vegas recently honored the winners and nominees of the prestigious Mayor’s and City Manager’s awards at its Values Conference. These awards serve as a testament to the remarkable contributions and dedication of city employees in both community service and organizational excellence.

Mayor’s and City Manager’s Awards: A Celebration of Excellence:

The Mayor’s Award of Community Excellence acknowledges employees who have made outstanding contributions to the local community. This year’s nominees showcased a diverse range of initiatives aimed at making a positive impact within Las Vegas and beyond. Their unwavering commitment to service and their innovative approaches to community engagement have left a lasting impression on residents and stakeholders alike.

Winners Announced: Tony Esposito and Gidgette Abellera:

Tony Esposito
Photo Credit: City of Las Vegas

Among the nominees, Tony Esposito emerged as the recipient of the Mayor’s Award for his outstanding contributions to the community. Esposito, an engineering technician in the public works department since 2007, has dedicated countless hours outside of work to coaching, teaching, and mentoring Las Vegas children as a hockey coach. Notably, he coaches the Las Vegas Golden Chariots Youth Sled Hockey team, providing opportunities for youth with different physical abilities to participate in the sport.

Gidgette Abellera

Gidgette Abellera was honored with the City Manager’s Award for her exceptional achievements within the organization. As a financial analyst, Abellera has demonstrated exemplary leadership and management skills. Formerly a senior human resources analyst, Abellera revolutionized the onboarding experience for new hires and visitors to HR’s front desk. Her innovative approach, including the implementation of a sophisticated booking calendar, streamlined processes, and improved efficiency, earned her recognition as an outstanding leader and supervisor.

Recognition and Appreciation for All Nominees:

In addition to the winners, the City of Las Vegas extends congratulations to all the nominees for their outstanding contributions. While Esposito and Abellera were celebrated as this year’s winners, all nominees were commended for their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Their contributions serve as a testament to the values of commitment, kindness, and intelligence upheld by the City of Las Vegas workforce.


In conclusion, the Mayor’s and City Manager’s Awards ceremony at the Value’s Conference provided an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the exceptional achievements of employees within the City of Las Vegas. Through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence, individuals like Tony Esposito and Gidgette Abellera exemplify the values that make the City of Las Vegas a vibrant and thriving community. As we applaud their accomplishments, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and honoring those who go above and beyond in serving their community and organization.

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