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How do hackers hide their IP addresses while hacking?



how hacker hide ip address

A good hacker will not buy any VPN, or socks just to hack and cover his tracks because you know that you are not covering anything.

A good hacker will own or hack into different computers, servers, mobile phones, smart tv or any connected devices and place a hidden backdoor to allow undetected access back to the pawned system.

For example, attackers hacked into a mobile phone named MobileA in California, then hacked a server named ServerB in China, hack into a SmartWatchC in Zimbabwe, etc. Now he could easily SSH into MobileA and SSH into ServerB, then SmartWatchC, and so on using encrypted connections before any attack is launched.

This method allows such hackers to create a chained connection that enables the attacker to bounce from one computer to another before carrying out any attack.

For example, a cyber attack in a particular city may originate from 3 to 5 different chained connections from different countries, which makes it difficult to track and makes prosecution to be extremely difficult because of jurisdictions and country’s laws from where those connections originated from.

Seriously? Why would any hacker buy VPN to hack when the same VPN IP addresses were sold repeatedly to tons of users, spammers and kiddies? which immediately renders those IP useless because they were already blacklisted, and blacklisted IP addresses are filtered at the Firewall level.

So you want to hack into a top agency in the world, or merely a bank, your best plan was to buy a VPN and then hack? (*_^). I don’t think you could log in with your VPN to some bank’s websites because the VPN address is abused and filtered at the bank end, period.


A good hacker will have knowledge of what he/she is doing, and write a little script that automates vulnerability checking which reports back to the hacker about which device has what vuln. With vulns on your system, it gives the hacker a greater chance of hacking your system without knowing your password or information.

A good hacker will not use VPN to perform any good system hacking but may hack other devices such as mobile phones, smart tv, home or office pc, and more ( clean IP ), retain backdoor access, and operate from there using tunneling or similar techniques.

An example of a script kiddie is a self-acclaimed hacker that always runs an auto hack script on a website such as RFI Remote File InclusionLFI Local File InclusionRCE … and successfully injected a C99 shell in the server via the mal-configured website. This gives such kiddie backdoor access back to the server to install bulk mailers and other malicious codes and may do other things, or simply deface the website, (|<1dd135).

As you can see, most kiddies do not know how to write complete working code but use those written by others and find a cheaper way to cover their tracks by using VPN, Tor, etc, while a good hacker will hide in a hacked systems using private (Pr1v8) tools mostly written by the hacker or traded in some underground forum or bbs. Basically, if you can’t write your own code, don’t call yourself a hacker, if you’re using codes written by someone else, what should they be called?

I hope it helps.

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