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How Hackers Hacks Mobile Phone using IMEI number, IP Address, or Mac Address.



How to hack a mobile phone

How Hackers Hacks Mobile Phone using IMEI number, IP Address, or Mac Address.

Question: Is it possible to hack one’s phone using the IMEI number, IP address, or MAC address?

Answer: Yes! It’s possible to hack a phone by knowing its IP address or MAC address or IMEI number.

In a nutshell, anything with an IP address can be hacked if not properly protected.

Let’s see how this is possible.

Hacking a mobile phone.

Information gathering:

An attacker will take time to find most information needed by fingering and scanning your phone IP address. In a similar way, a burglar will watch you and take notes of the time you go to work, park, or vacation before breaking into your house, simply by knowing your house address in this case your IP address.

Knowing your MAC gives the attacker more accurate information about your phone or device. 

MAC address reveals your device name which motivates the attacker to find any available exploit for your device. Most manufacturers have very poor coding habits, which makes it easy for attackers to take advantage of them by exploiting their product’s security loopholes.

If your phone is well protected or updated and not vulnerable to any Remote Exploits, it can still be hacked using other methods such as :


Hacking a mobile phone, the techniques.

  • Stenography [1] Hacking a mobile phone using a system embedding a server-side code in an image Fully Undetectable (FUD)[2] and sending the photo to your phone by text message or email, once you open it, it invokes starts a server-side code in the background and the attacker can connect to your phone anytime by connecting to the server-side script or a service running in your mobile phone. once connected, then, copy your pictures, videos, emails, sms messages without your knowledge, and once done simply kill or destroy the server remotely, with a kill switch command.
  • Email attack – Another method that a hacker may use to Hack a mobile phone includes sending a very important email to you, this email will look 100% legit, once opened you are pawned, hacked, taken, and done! You may be wondering how? Ok, let me explain.

If you are using an android mobile phone, you must have it activated with a Google account, the same as iOS mobile phones, which means your email account is now associated with your mobile phone.

Let’s say you received an email with a title that read.

Your court date is confirmed for 3/1/2022.

You checked the email header before opening it, and it looks authentic as it contains spoofed header information from a known court, sent over SSL, and DKIM signed. 

So you opened it. That’s it! You’re infected!

Meanwhile, the email has a wrong first and last name in it which gives you relief, and delete the email immediately since it wasn’t for you.  Unknowingly to you, the email contains embedded codes that start another service on your phone/device that will allow attackers to take an advantage of exploiting your phone device.

Also, many apps contain backdoors, trojans, worms, etc once downloaded into your mobile phone, you share your mobile phone with hackers without knowing.

For example, if you are still in doubt check out this Electronic Pickpocketing App reported on the news. If you download this app, it will send your credit card information that is in your wallet or purse (not stored in your phone) to attackers remotely using RFID[3]

Once his mobile phone touches your wallet/purse, this app automatically transmits all your credit card information from your wallet/purse to the attacker remotely without even talking to you.  


If hacking a mobile phone could easily be done using these methods, what else cannot be sent from your mobile phone? Think twice before you act.

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If you want to learn how to protect yourself from these types of attacks, get some knowledge on How Hackers Hide Their IP Addresses, watch my videos on Cybersecurity,

I hope this shines some light on how hackers can use your IMEI, and IP address to gather information to gain unauthorized access to your phone or devices.

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Hacking a mobile phone, techniques, and prevention.

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