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City Of Las Vegas Offers Free March 2024 Concerts



Dixie Flats Band

Reserve Your Spot To Enjoy Live Performances by
Seffarine, “Animaniacs” And Dixie Flats

The city of Las Vegas is sponsoring three free March concerts, featuring a variety of music and entertainers. All concerts are free, open to the public, and appropriate for all ages. Reserve your spot now and receive concert updates. Food trucks will offer refreshments for sale at each park.

Seffarine – Reserve a spot.

Friday, March 8, 7 p.m.
Charleston Heights Arts Center, 800  S. Brush St., in the indoor theatre.

The band intertwines Moroccan and American influences, creating an extraordinary fusion. Led by the vocals of Lamiae Naki and the masterful oud playing of Nat Hulskamp, Seffarine weaves together intricate rhythms and melodies with evocative storytelling. Drawing inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds, this dynamic ensemble delivers an immersive musical experience that transcends borders and captivates audiences around the world.

Animaniacs In Concert

Animaniacs” – Reserve a spot.

Saturday, March 16, 7 p.m. 

Centennial Hills Park Amphitheater, 7101 N. Buffalo Drive at Deer Springs Way

Starring the show’s original Emmy-winning composer Randy Rogel and the voice talents of Emmy Winner Rob Paulsen, with Maurice LaMarche (“Pinky & The Brain”), the performances are as relevant today as when the animated TV series debuted in the early 1990s. With new episodes currently streaming on HULU, “Animaniacs” is a multi-generational animated favorite with universally recognized hit songs. As its creators say, “Animaniacs in concert is for the adults – it’s hip, it’s funny…but kids will love it, too!”  Bring low-back chairs or blankets to be more comfortable on the amphitheater lawn.


Dixie Flats – Reserve a spot.

Saturday, March 30, 7 p.m. 

Bruce Trent Park, 8851 Vegas Drive.

Dixie Flats is a Las Vegas-based band, playing hot jazz, Depression-era blues, Second Line and other music inspired by the culture and traditions of New Orleans. Named for a topographical feature in Elko, Nevada, Dixie Flats aims to respectfully interpret the music that they love, with a nod to the countless artists that inspire them. Bring low-back chairs or blankets to be more comfortable on the park lawn. Hear the group here.

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