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City of North Las Vegas

City of North Las Vegas and Vegas Chamber Discuss Workforce Planning and Economic Growth at Eggs & Issues Event



Pamela Goynes-Brown

North Las Vegas, NV – In a demonstration of its commitment to fostering economic growth and preparing its workforce for the challenges of the modern industrial landscape, the City of North Las Vegas took center stage at the recent Eggs & Issues event hosted by the Vegas Chamber. The event, which featured U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus, provided a platform for discussions that highlighted the city’s role as a leader in industrial development and emphasized the importance of labor and workforce training.

Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown of the City of North Las Vegas was a notable presence at the event, engaging in discussions that underscored the significance of labor and workforce training in the city’s continued economic expansion. The event also saw participation from prominent business leaders, including Vegas Chamber President & CEO Mary Beth Sewald and Chamber Chairman Paul Anderson.

The Mayor’s attendance and participation demonstrated the city’s dedication to facilitating a conducive environment for economic growth and development. With North Las Vegas spearheading industrial development in Southern Nevada, it has become paramount to address the challenges of workforce readiness and training. The city’s strong presence at the event reaffirms its commitment to proactively tackle these challenges.

In her remarks at the event, Mayor Goynes-Brown expressed her appreciation to Mary Beth Sewald and Paul Anderson for orchestrating an event that provided a conducive environment for dialogue and exchange of ideas. The City of North Las Vegas lauds the Vegas Chamber’s efforts in hosting an event that facilitated critical discussions centered on the economic wellbeing of the community.

The city’s emphasis on economic development and workforce planning is not only a reflection of its commitment to its residents but also an acknowledgment of the broader economic landscape. By cultivating a robust workforce and addressing the specific needs of industries, North Las Vegas aims to attract investments, stimulate job creation, and drive sustainable economic growth.

The event also touched on the significance of collaboration between public and private entities in achieving these goals. Her sentiments echoed the city’s emphasis on collaborative efforts between government, businesses, and community stakeholders to ensure a well-prepared and skilled workforce. With U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus in attendance, the discussions benefited from her insights into federal initiatives that can bolster local efforts and contribute to the overall prosperity of the region.

Vegas Chamber President & CEO Mary Beth Sewald and Chamber Chairman Paul Anderson played crucial roles in orchestrating this event. Their leadership and dedication to fostering a supportive environment for economic growth and workforce development were evident throughout the proceedings.


The event delved into topics ranging from workforce planning to economic growth, emphasizing the interplay between labor development and sustained economic prosperity. Attendees, including Congresswoman Dina Titus, engaged in insightful conversations that illuminated the challenges and opportunities facing North Las Vegas and the broader region.

As the City of North Las Vegas continues to evolve as an industrial hub, its proactive approach to workforce training and economic growth will undoubtedly contribute to the region’s overall prosperity. The discussions initiated at the Eggs & Issues event are expected to serve as a springboard for future collaborative efforts and initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of the city’s workforce and ensuring sustainable economic development.

The City of North Las Vegas remains dedicated to fostering an environment that not only attracts businesses but also supports the development and readiness of a skilled workforce, ensuring that the region’s economic potential is fully realized.

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