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AT&T Deploys Resources to Ensure Connectivity and Aid in Maui Disaster Recovery Efforts

AT&T has taken swift and proactive measures to provide critical connectivity support and aid recovery efforts.



AT&T Deploys Resources to Ensure Connectivity and Aid in Maui Disaster Recovery Efforts

FirstNet and AT&T Network Disaster Recovery Teams Swiftly Deploy Resources for Public Safety and Communication Restoration

Las Vegas, NV–In response to the recent disaster that struck Maui, AT&T has taken swift and proactive measures to provide critical connectivity support and aid recovery efforts. The FirstNet Response Operations Group and AT&T Network Disaster Recovery team collaborated to deploy essential resources to key areas, ensuring public safety agencies and residents have the means to stay connected and access vital information.

Two portable cell sites, equipped with satellite connectivity, were successfully deployed to the communities of Ka‘anapali and Lahaina. These sites serve as lifelines, enabling communication for emergency services and allowing affected individuals to reach out to their loved ones and access essential resources during these challenging times.

Furthermore, AT&T has gone the extra mile by sending their Drone Operations pilot to Maui to support restoration efforts. The deployment of drones aids in assessing the extent of the damage and identifying areas that require immediate attention, streamlining the overall recovery process.

To alleviate the burden on customers in the affected areas, AT&T has extended its generous offer to waive overage charges. Both Postpaid and PREPAID customers will be able to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data until September 7, 2023. This initiative not only ensures that individuals can stay connected but also helps them navigate their daily lives without the added worry of exceeding their communication limits.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining connections, AT&T has also arranged for loaner phones to be sent to Maui. These phones will be deployed strategically to key areas and non-profit organizations, enabling residents to establish communication with their loved ones and access essential relief resources. This gesture underscores AT&T’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to the affected community.

AT&T’s dedicated network teams are tirelessly working to identify priority areas and enhance services wherever necessary. The company remains focused on adapting to the evolving situation, ensuring that connectivity is reestablished swiftly and efficiently.

As communities across Maui come together to recover and rebuild, AT&T’s rapid response and comprehensive assistance are shining examples of corporate responsibility and commitment to the well-being of its customers. In these challenging times, the deployment of vital resources and the extension of support services play a crucial role in restoring normalcy and hope to the affected regions.


For further information and updates on AT&T’s ongoing efforts in the Maui disaster recovery, please visit their official website.

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