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New City Attorney Appointed to Lead Las Vegas Legal Team

Stepping into his role, Jeffry Dorocak succeeds Bryan Scott, who retires tomorrow after an illustrious tenure of three years as the City Attorney.



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Las Vegas, NV – In an exciting announcement, the City of Las Vegas has welcomed a new City Attorney to lead its legal endeavors. Jeffry Dorocak, a distinguished graduate of The Ohio State Law School, has taken the reins as the head of the City Attorney’s Office, overseeing matters ranging from misdemeanor crimes to civil lawsuits.

Mr. Dorocak’s impressive background includes an undergraduate degree from the esteemed Notre Dame, providing a strong foundation for his legal career. With a reputation for diligence, expertise, and a commitment to justice, his appointment promises to usher in a new era of legal guidance for the city.

Stepping into his role, Jeffry Dorocak succeeds Bryan Scott, who retires tomorrow after an illustrious tenure of three years as the City Attorney. Scott, who has dedicated an impressive 27 years of service to the city, leaves a legacy of dedication and professionalism. During his tenure, the City Attorney’s Office navigated numerous legal challenges, ensuring that the city’s legal framework remained robust and resilient.

The City Attorney’s Office, renowned for its exemplary service and commitment to excellence, is also seeking fresh talent to join its ranks. The office is actively recruiting a Deputy City Attorney III/IV, offering a unique opportunity for legal professionals to contribute to the thriving legal landscape of Las Vegas. This coveted position promises to be a gateway for individuals seeking to make a meaningful impact within the legal framework of the city.

As Las Vegas continues to evolve and grow, the appointment of Jeffry Dorocak as the new City Attorney marks a significant milestone. His extensive legal acumen and dedication to justice are set to guide the City Attorney’s Office in its pursuit of maintaining law and order, handling misdemeanor crimes, and representing the city in civil lawsuits. The city’s legal affairs are in capable hands as Jeffry Dorocak assumes his new role, ensuring a promising future for Las Vegas and its legal endeavors.

For those aspiring to be a part of this dynamic legal team, the opportunity beckons to join the City Attorney’s Office as a Deputy City Attorney III/IV. As the city continues to thrive, the legal professionals in Las Vegas are at the forefront of upholding justice and safeguarding the interests of its residents.


For more information about the Deputy City Attorney III/IV position and how to apply, please visit the official posting on the City of Las Vegas LinkedIn page:

The City of Las Vegas looks forward to a new chapter under the leadership of Jeffry Dorocak, as it continues to uphold its commitment to a just and thriving community.

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